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liz lavoie
A blog about simple living

liz lavoie

I was born in California and raised in it for most of my life until the year 2010 when we moved to Mexico. I consider both my home. My passions are mentorship, service, writing, and growth. I am fascinated by books, blogs, and podcasts on wellness, fashion, relationships, leadership development, and self-awareness.

I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in organizational leadership while working part-time as an assistant at a small college and a church internship. I am twenty-three years old and engaged to my sweet fiance Austin, who was my best friend for two and a half years even before dating.

I began this blog over a year ago but experienced a season of busyness and burnout. Then the month of December 2018 was when I realized this pivotal truth. I remember sitting on my bed with tears flowing and this thought came to my mind:

“I don’t want to live this way anymore. I need a change.”

So join me on this journey of simple living. This is not the phenomenon of minimalism or the tiny house craze. This is all about living fully by living with less things that are not as valuable as connection, family, love, and community.

Sincerely & Wholeheartedly,

Liz Alderete (Almost LaVoie)